Pendle Rooms

Pendle Rooms is Pendle College’s all-in-one bar and hangout space.

On the ground floor is Pendle’s bar. Currently open 6 night a week, stocking a wide range of drinks and regularly hosting events and drink offers, it really is the place to be.

On the first floor is a large open area with seating, table tennis and fussball tables and a kitchen. The tables can be moved, making the room perfect for hosting functions and events.

Also on the first floor is the Sitting Room and Errington Room, both bookable and with 24-hour access from the balcony (with a library card). The Sitting Room comes complete with comfy chairs, beanbags, a TV and even a piano. Errington Room is a long boardroom with lengthy tables, suitable for conferences.

The building is open from around 7:00-midnight. Excluding Saturdays, the bar is open from 18:00-23:30.