Who do I go to?

Your JCR Welfare Officers are:

They each run weekly drop-in sessions in Pendle Rooms, which you can find on their profiles.

Your SCR has a number of people you can talk to as well. They are:

  • College Administrator/Mum Jill Harpley <pendleoffice@lancaster.ac.uk>
  • The College Advisor Team (CAT) <pendlecat@lancaster.ac.uk>, who are:
    • Senior Advisor Lisa Maurin
    • Assistant Senior Advisor Nigel Watson
    • College Advisors Becky Case, Laura Fox, Jen Whitfield & Richard Williams

There are also the porters, who are on hand 24/7 to help you with anything you might need (like when you lock yourself out of your flat for the 48th time). You can ring them on (+44)1524 592630, or just pop into the Porter’s Lodge at any time. They are:

  • Steve Betts
  • Amanda Swanton
  • Ian Woods
  • Jason Walden